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  1. Kert dijo:

    Shoot, so that’s that one susposep.

  2. I have loved all your home tours, but this is the first comment I have left. This home does seem real to me and that is what is so appealing about it. Thank you for the constant source of inspiration!Amy

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  7. Some climate alarmists are using that “more population, more global warming” argument here in the Philippines. There is a very divisive, highly emotional congressional bill, known as “Reproductive Health” bill or simply population control bill. About 99 percent of its advocates are believers of AGW and man-made CC.

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  9. 1dcI still have never tried Nutella because I don’t like hazelnuts. So I’m not sure of I’d like it more than Justin’s version, or if I wouldn’t like either. Basically I’ve been too cheap to plunk down money on either in case I hate it. Now chocolate peanut butter is pure heaven. 102

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  11. Å så fin lekematte! Ønsker meg veldig en slik Flower Garden lekematte til jenta vår. Har ikke sett at det finnes så store lekematter før:) Takk for tipset også! #Ønske#

  12. Good post. Christmas music makes me happy and gets me singing, but it is out of necessity mostly. I want to be cheerful for the kids who love this time of year and are excited. I remember those feelings. Unfortunately, it's become a lot of work to decorate, plan things and get the shopping done, which takes more energy than I have. Not to mention taking everything down afterward. It should be simpler.

  13. The place on Korunni is a Korean-Japanese place and has a good selection of frozen foods, etc. And if you’re craving flavor, you can get homemade kimchi. Really excellent!

  14. Remember den Bestes's Law: "The job of bureaucrats is to regulate, and left to themselves, they will regulate everything they can."And recall that last summer we learned that the DOT wanted to require all farm tractor drivers to .Nothing to see here, move along.

  15. Stellar work there everyone. I’ll keep on reading.

  16. The evidence is pretty overwhelming and I definitely feel like Don Quixote these days, insisting my friends are wrong when they their hands up and say “there’s nothing we can fucking DO” — I don’t have answers but I can’t accept defeat. There is nothing after that: just waiting and watching as our entire world is reshaped by hatefully mundane monsters. Can’t accept that.

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  18. Fantomzeit – Dunkelheit oder Leere im frühen Mittelalter? » Wer erfindet historische Zeit? Theologen und Komputisten unter Tatverdacht sagte hierzu am 23. Mai 2007 um 22:52: […] Dunkelheit oder Leere im frühen Mittelalter? Vorheriger/Nächster Beitrag « Hippolyt und die Hekkaidekaëteris | Home …

  19. For the most part, Grady does the same thing when we get home – a lot of tail wagging and whining while he’s carrying something around in his mouth (usually a bone), then he sits himself down next to me & wants to be petted. Right now, he’s napping next to me. Gotta love those goldens.

  20. Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my questions…until now.

  21. Hola Silvia,el jersey es en el mismo tono que la chaquetita de Zara tipo peplum,un beige con hilo dorado. No me estoy explicando muy bien,no se si sabes a cual me refiero. Muchas gracias por tus consejos,probare a ver con una camisa en blanco,porque no habia pensado combinarlo con este color.Muchas gracias

  22. Will this webinar be available on youtube or elsewhere soon? As much as I LOVE these webinars I can’t always get away from my “real job” to attend for the non-profit I volunteer with.I think webinars are a great tool and I look forward to the next one.

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  24. What an amazing story Michelle. You are doing incredible work with these children. I really think that if children are introduced to all kinds of healthy food early on then they are more likely to choose healthy foods later on. Keep up the great work, you are a real inspiration to others. You are making a difference.

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  32. Dr. Liccardi.. what do you think about DHEA? It is recommended by some top REs and clinics. I am 42 and have great numbers (FSH, estradiol, etc) so afraid to try anything that could mess things up, but I am meeting with a few REs and couple of them recommended this. It is apparently the new supplement on the infertility front.

  33. Thanks Keith, Bill, and the anonymous one — Kevin Leahy. I like all these and I agree, Keith, If I were to write mine next week, it would probably be different from what I wrote last. –Bob Clark

  34. Cardenas is not a *terrible* defender. He was just beat out by *better* defenders in the Oakland system. &after losing sizemore I bet Oakland wishes Cardenas was still on the 40manHis higher OPS is from his SLG% (.400plus -higher than Barney).

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  42. I think the problem here is not Djokovic but the way American media work. If there was no Djokovic, there would have been somebody else (remember Baghdatis hype?). Whoever gives them a good meat to chew on, they will make him/her the media darling. Djokovic is smart enough to realize it and how he can benefit from it. It is a win-win situation. If the player doesn’t have media-likable-marketable personality, (regardless of how good their game is) he/she is very likely to be ignored by the American media. Davidenko and Nalbandian (when he was in top 5) are perfect examples of it.

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  44. Thanks! I adore sweet potato in my sushi (usually in tempura form). It just made sense to give it a raw attempt. Given the amount of food wasted in the country, I really like finding uses for things that would normally go to waste. I do compost scraps, but the bin on my balcony is getting full, and it isn’t like I have a garden….

  45. Dreptaku, za dużo czasu mi zajmowało i za mało satysfakcji dawało komentowanie tam. Ile można czasu zajmować się chędożącym przed laty kleryków Paetzem skoro nic z tego nie wynika? Ile czasu można zajmować się nieżyjącym Kaczyńskim? Tym bardziej, że z nieoczekiwanej strony nam niezły reżim rośnie. To stało się jałowe.

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  47. RT…You know nothing about golf design. Stop pretending. What are your qualifications to pass judgment. Have you taken training in the subject or are you just a slob journalist pretending?

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  49. Ma tu ti perdi all’estero, non vale! Pensare che io mi perda nel tragitto casa-palestra (circa 500 m) vuol dire pensare di avere una madre cerebrolesa. Son cose eh.

  50. Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

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  52. have been more than 150 lawsuits concerning Obama's eligibility. Has any one of them proceeded to discovery?Social Security fraud is a CRIME. The way you adjudicate criminality is via a grand jury investigation where discovery becomes moot since the prosecutor can subpoena any information that he/she wants or needs to get an indictment.In the four, nearly five years since Obama announced his candidacy, has anyone convened a grand jury investigation for criminal wrongdoing: Social Security fraud, election fraud, forgery, perjury, using false documents?

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  54. i really do not understand, many people here in India enjoying the freedom and religion tolerance unlike arabs, but they are up against India again. what a cruel world is this? mosques in india is larger than arab world mosques. population in Indian islam world is more than arab world’s population. but still they are up against india. I really do not understand what basis they do? 5th century religion trying to dominate all over the world? i am sure my comment will not be published

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  58. I’ll second that. You haven’t missed a thing. Murky and uninteresting? You bet. That’s probably because the theme is poorly defined.The rapt fascination with Harry Potter, which at times seems to border on either hysteria or obsession, eludes me. C’est la vie.

  59. Ca c’est clair, le squat sauté en carré est totalement abominable… et appréciable en même temps…:-)Merci pour ton retour sur la séance Roselyne, c’est sympa d’avoir pris le temps!a très vite,

  60. Article à mourir de rire. Merci le Monde pour votre objectivité légendaire. Je pense que vos jours sont comptés, plus personne n’est prêt à se faire conter de telle sornettes.

  61. So, isn't there a "law enforcement" agency that's tasked with investigating fraud, forgery, and/or impersonation? Wouldn't it be dereliction of duty for that agency to neglect this epic national security breech?

  62. A simple and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!

  63. Calling it BS doesn’t make it go away either. The change from one species to another is a slow and gradual change that starts within one specie. The change from one specie to another is the culmination (and this isn’t always true) of the changes that occurred in one specie. As for Archaeopteryx, it is considered a transitional form. Now, the thing with transitional forms is that they still fit within a different classification.

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  65. Beautiful card! Thanks for the garden tour; I wish I could have a nice garden, but alas I have a very black thumb when it comes to flowers. Plants I can usually hold onto and torture for awhile, but flowers I’m at a loss.

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  77. I would need to see that by signing, the event would actually happen. Where does it say that by signing a petition, the MCA can be dissolved? If this can in fact be done, I would rather start with Unit 7, dissolve or remove it then provide the ability for the other Units to do the same. I.E. start small and let it grow.

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